How To Help

Donated Money

The money that we raise through our non-profit, emily's gift of hope, goes to similar, like-minded organizations.

We support The FEEL (Families Experiencing Early Loss) Group, which is run through Fairview Hospital, a hospital that is a part of the Cleveland Clinic. They are there to assist grieving mothers and fathers, upon learning that their baby has died. They bring in a care package at the hospital to validate your baby. Items inside this box include, handmade hats and blankets (made by volunteers), tape measurers to measure your baby, and a birth certificate to include information about your loved baby. They also hold monthly meetings at Fairview Hospital, on the first Thursday, of each month, from 7:30-9pm. At their Remembrance Ceremony held in 2014, our money donation went towards cuddly bears with hearts engraved with angel babies names on it.  We continue to donate yearly to this wonderful, supportive event. 

We also support Cornerstone of Hope, in Independence, OH, which is a grieving center set-up for enduring the loss of any loved one in your life. From a baby, to a grandparent, they are there for you with counseling, support groups, and art therapy, among other services. They currently run an 8-9 week course, for mothers and fathers whose baby or child has died under the age of 2, including in utero. At their Candle Lighting Remembrance Ceremony held in 2014, our money donation when towards beautiful candles with angel babies names engraved on it. We also continue to donate yearly to this intimate gathering in the evening hours held on October 15th. 

In order to have this website maintained, graphic and website designers, paper and material costs, emily's gift of hope, needs assistance as well. And also with our fundraisers, we need funds to provide for food and drinks, advertising materials, among other costs.

We thank you for any donation that you make. We truly could not do what we do without your help.

Help Give Back

The Rock Pile of Avon, OH, has a great fundraising program in place called, Fundraising that Rocks. Every product that you buy, including gift cards and phone orders, at The Rock Pile, emily's gift of hope earns 5% of your sale. Just remember to tell the cashier that you would like your money to go to emily's gift of hope. If you forget to tell the cashier, you can bring your receipt in within a few days of your purchase to be applied. Thanks so much for your support. Please check out their website for all of your yard and gardening needs.