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We are deeply sorry about the loss of your loved child and baby. The pain you are feeling now, is excruciating. Our wish is to give you hope, at such a devastating and painful time. Although, everyone’s experience is different, we personally have endured the loss of babies, and know the pain. Whether you have suffered an ectopic pregnancy, a blighted ovum, a miscarriage, a stillbirth, or an infant death, you are experiencing the loss of your loved baby. There are many decisions that you are now having to make, things that you never thought you would have to ever think about during this lifetime. And sometimes, these decisions have to be made quickly. We hope that our support and resources here, can help make a very sad time in your life, a little less overwhelming.

If you have just learned that your baby has died or will die, please visit our Support page, and read the "Immediate Support and Help" section. This page also offers some help for funeral and ceremony planning, counseling in the days to come, how family and friends can help, and more. With that, please visit our entire website, as time allows, as all of the pages were made to help you through the immediate days of losing your loved baby and the days following.

We would like to share very personal and touching stories written by bereaved mothers and fathers themselves, to honor and pay tribute to their babies that they have lost. We want to help others not feel alone in their grief and sadness, as well. These stories can be found on our Remembrance page under "Personal Stories about Our Babies". Here is just a part from one of those stories:

Nicole and Mark, from Ohio, share the story of their loved son, Noah Robert, whom they lost 18 weeks into their pregnancy in July 2013. Nicole went alone to her routine 18-week ultrasound appointment, and was deeply saddened to find out that their baby died. To this day, they were never given a reason why, by the medical community, as to how it could have happened.

This may be a difficult question to answer, but describe those hours, those minutes, that you found out that your loved son, Noah, had died.

Nicole: I think that it is safe to say we remember the big events that have happened in our lives. I remember every moment of my wedding, each delivery with my four beautiful children, the moment that I met my husband, and all others. However, the moment I learned about losing Noah, time seemed to have stopped. It was a normal day for me. I had just reached my 18 week point with Noah, and was going for my ultrasound. I had dropped my two oldest kids off at school and the two younger ones were at home with my mother-in-law. The moment I walked into my doctor's office, I was welcomed with warm smiles as always. I went back to my room, and waited for my doctor to come in. The moments I heard the words come out of  my doctor's mouth, "I'm so sorry, there is no heartbeat," I didn't move.

To read more of Nicole's words as well as her husband, Mark's, please go to our Remembrance page. Their story can be found under "Personal Stories about Our Babies," and further, "Mark and Nicole - Noah's Story".